the memoir


this has been quickly typed up and not been proofread (yet), edited, or rewritten. so it’s a sloppy mess and would like to give a little warning.

also i hope it makes sense.


a little about me and some of my history…

aibon here (also known as jessa or aina, aibon is a nickname for aina),

and as you may or may not know, i’m a prodigal (hahah half kidding) writer and have been writing since i began to learn to read at the young age of four. i was writing novellas (i thought they were novels back then, but they were the length of at least the average novella…each) by the time i hit kindergarten which amazed and perplexed my teachers right away. by fifth grade, i was already getting in trouble for creative writing assignments because i would literally write up an entire novella for a “short story” assignment. no joke! so writing has been a crucial part of my life for as long as i can remember. i even remember crying when i was three years old, frustrated that i couldn’t learn to read in just one night. see, i knew if i could read, i could write. and i had so many stories already i couldn’t wait.

i actually kept my writing a secret from the world (aside from teachers and my family) until a few years ago. “nobody ever asked,” was literally my answer to why i never told anyone. mostly, it’s because i know so many shitty, wannabe writers that boast about it constantly. so i always kept it to myself because i’m extremely humble and not arrogant (although i may not sound like i am in this page but i promise i am.) and didn’t want to look as such.

anyway, i write many different types of things. fictional novellas, novels, and screenplays have been a favourite since very young. i also write poetic prose, journal like a madman (all my journals read like novels, LOL, i’m serious!), and non-fiction. those are just some of my favourite forms. i’ve written a fuck ton of material in my life. it was a god-given talent of sorts and i always clung to it, because i’m not very talented. i always knew it was what i would do with my life.

more about me and my current writing projects…

i have yet to be published (due to ocd and severe neurotic perfectionism which i can trail back to my early childhood, i demonstrated it above by my crying three year old self.) but am working on two seperate projects currently that i plan to get published (or try to), when finished! one is a fictional novel (loosely based off real life events) and i won’t say much but it is a horror/slasher/black comedy sort of deal but not your typical horror or slasher by any means. (writing horror is traveling into uncharted/new waters for me btw)

and the memoir!

my second project is a memoir! it has yet to be named, but my dear friend showed interest and agreed to cowrite with me! i’m extremely excited about this, because she is a huge part of my life and will very much all over in the memoir as it is, but writing it together!? how could that not be fun? also it will help my memory, stir up ideas, and all sorts of things. as a writer i’m so happy to collaborate with someone who is so meaningful to me. i can’t even properly explain or express in words…

this next part used to be displayed on the homepage. (to explain why it is so out of place seeming, compared to the rest of the page up until now.)

aibon (aka jessa) and her best friend (of seven years!) manni are currently writing a memoir together on the website’s theme of what we call “trash culture”. the above definition was made up by me*, i haven’t searched yet to see if it’s already a thing but probably should LOL. this memoir will be a collection of true stories, personal essays, and more on our lives (together and apart). we are the lowlife 20 something girls in america they don’t show on television. our lives are nothing like HBOs GIRLS…we aren’t privileged enough to relate to any of that. but we have learned to embrace our trashy culture (at least by society’s standards) and our lack of privilege together, rather than let it define us as lesser beings or let it embarrass us or feel like we aren’t as good as someone else either more fortunate than us. and embracing our trashy lives began with channeling our inner Kesha- all the way back in 2010! 

not that we are using it as an excuse not to live better- we aim for the stars and have been working our asses off (will continue to!) for a better future for ourselves and for her children (my nephews!) but as of right now, we are who we are. and we are embracing who we are. America is nothing like the States portrayed on television…at least not the majority of it.

*i had a definition of “trash culture” above it but i plan to rewrite it and place it on the site’s “about” page. which doesn’t exist yet.