How do you mess up a remake of Death Note? I guess this is how.

i had no idea this American Death Note remake already happened and on Netflix. I have a migraine and I’m on my phone so I will replace this with a proper review after I finish the film.

They somehow found a way to completely ruin a remake of Death Note that’s literally so whitewashed in such a horrible American way that…I don’t even…

light would never show off the death note to impress a bitch nor would he scream like a little bitch when Ryuk appeared. I can’t deal with this bs.

its now a white washed final destination b horror teen movie that simply shares the same name as the original Death Note franchise.

I knew since the beginning that America would butcher a remake of Death Note anyway. And I can cry white washing bc I’m an Asian American that was raised very emmersed in Asian culture more than anything wait until I call my mom living in Korea about this.


btw since Light Turner didn’t just do heart attacks, but instead chose to turn it all into a final destination film, how did anyone know who Kira was–oh I just saw the Justice of Kira scene nevermind but Jesus, he killed a bunch of women too? Tf? In the nightclub.

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