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while i, not only set this entire site up, pick and choose what posts to import from magical girl trash™ @shoujotrash.moe …i may or may not be posting random things like this.

to be entirely honest, this post is purely to remind myself where I found kesha’s season two of my crazy beautiful life…bc i never got to see either season yet until now. of course—i have only seen a few episodes of season two so far—i love it and probably bc i love kesha and have since 2009 for reasons I’ll explain in a future post.

or i may, instead, post an excerpt of mine and m’s upcoming memoir. there will definitely be a personal essay about kesha and how she has affected our lives. our upcoming memoir, by the way, will not be a classic type of memoir but a collection of personal essays, stories, lists, open letters, and old blog posts and journal entries. and apparently these days collections of shit like that and poetic prose are now classified as memoirs…(is that new or has it always been a thing?)

and kesha is the only western* pop star I’ve loved to this extent or been such a big fan of. lately I’ve been addicted to Poppy which I got m and her sons also addicted too (sorry not sorry) but that’s nothing like our love for kesha. Japanese idols, however, is another story for me.

ANYWAY, although this is more for me than you,

unless you’re a fellow animal (Kesha fan)!,

here is episode six of season two of her show…

i have yet to see or find the first season. let me know in the comments if you’re a kesha fan too and why! 

Kesha’s My Crazy Beautiful Life S2 E6 “Hoarding”

or click here to go to dailymotion page

*when I say western I am referring to America and Canada and not Japan. Western idols are American or Canadian, otherwise I’m obviously referring to aidoru アイドル or Japanese idols.

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